Return Policy

Return Policies


We advise you to do the saddle tree fitting, we custom fit your saddle according to your current pictures we cannot anticipate your equine's health, weight or condition in the future, to ensure you get the best fit for your horse or mule. Any material defects or saddle fit issues on saddles affecting function or durability must be reported within 7 days of your receipt of your saddle in order to Repair or replace your saddle is at Wyoming Saddlery's discretion.

Wood Trees are guaranteed against breakage for 5 years.

Custom built saddles require payment in full at the time of ordering. If you have paid a saddle tree deposit that will be applied towards your saddle, but the tree must be received by Wyoming Saddlery before the saddle will be shipped and/or your deposit may be recharged to your card, depending on style and tree availability, custom saddles may require 12 or more weeks to build. You will be notified of the approximate build time for your saddle when your place your order and will be sent the tracking number at the time of shipment.


Leather is a natural material which means it comes from a bovine ( cow, bull, etc.). Cattle get scratches, scrapes, cuts, brands, during their lives. All of these unique features can possible show up in completed leather goods and may not be visible in a tanned, dyed hide until it goes through the entire process of becoming a saddle. Some marks will not show up until the item is completed. There are many steps in saddle making and all of our Wyoming Saddlery saddles and leather tack are hand made in the USA. Small imperfections are to be expected with handmade wood saddle trees and handcrafted leather saddles and tack. One of the many steps in building your saddle requires wetting the leather to allow it to be formed and this can occasionally cause some wrinkling in the leather and will dry at different stages causing the leather to pull.

Our team of saddle makers do everything possible to prevent the types of things mentioned above and are not things we can control and we will not allow returns or do refunds for  marks, or cuts that are caused while the animal was alive,  wrinkles that are in character with the hide and do not affect the durability of function of your saddle. All natural roughout hides will have vains that may appear as cuts are not cut but grains in the leather.  Any handmade saddle, no matter who makes them will have these issues.  All instock saddle sales are final.

Leather Color

Leather is very unique and we take proud in doing our very best to match our colors samples, but due to the tanning process there can be a little color difference in your finished product.

Damaged Shipments

Damaged shipments from handling must be claimed with the freight carrier. If any cartons are missing or damaged, be sure to note this on the freight bill. If you notice concealed damage after the driver has left, keep all the packing and call the freight carrier to return and inspect the damage and file a claim. This has to come from you the customer. We are not responsible for damage caused by the fright carrier, but we will help you in any way we can


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